Property Sales-Post Codes & Telephone Area Codes By County

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The first one or two letters of a post code are
taken from the following places.These places are the
post centres and can be different to the county they
depict. ie HP is a Post centre in Herts but HP covers
Wycombe in Bucks.Marlow uses SL and is in Bucks.It is
taken from SLough in Berks

ABerdeen Aberdeenshire Scotland
saint ALbans Herts East Anglia
Birmingham West Midlands
BAth Somerset
BlackBurn Lancashire North West England

BraDford West Yorkshire North East England
BournemoutH Dorset SW England
BoLton Lancashire North West England
BrightoN East Sussex SE England
BRomley Kent SE England
BriStol Avon SW England
BelfasT N.Ireland
CArlisle Cumbria North West England
CamBridge Cambridgeshire East Anglia
CardifF South Glamorgan Wales
CHester Cheshire North West England
ChelMsford Essex
COlchester Essex
CRoydon Surrey SE England
CanTerbury Kent SE England
CoVentry West Midlands Midlands
CreWe Cheshire North West England
DArtford Kent SE England
DunDee Angus Scotland
DErby Derbyshire Midlands

Dumfries and Galloway Dumfriesshire Scotland
DurHam County Durham North East England
DarLington North Yorkshire
DoNcaster South Yorkshire North East England
DorchesTer Dorset SW England
DudleY West Midlands North Midlands
london East
london East Central City of London
EdinburgH Midlothian Scotland
ENfield Middlesex
EXeter Devon SW England
FalkirK Stirlingshire Scotland
FYlde Lancashire North West England
Glasgow Lanarkshire Scotland
GLoucester Gloucestershire SW England
GUildford Surrey South Central England
HArrow Middlesex South Central England
HuDdersfield West Yorkshire North East England
HarroGate North Yorkshire North East England
Hemel hemPstead Herts Bucks South Central England

HeReford Herefordshire SW England
outer HebrideS Isle of Lewis Scotland
HUll North Humberside North East England
HalifaX West Yorkshire North East England
Ilford and barkinG Essex
Isle of Man
IPswich Suffolk
InVerness Inverness-shire Scotland
Kilmarnock and Ayr Ayrshire Scotland
Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey SE England
KirkWall Caithness Scotland
KirkcaldY Fife Scotland
Liverpool Merseyside North West England
LAncaster Lancashire North West England
LlandrindoD Powys Wales
LEicester Leicestershire Midlands
LLandudno  Clwyd Wales
LincolN Lincolnshire North East England
LeedS West Yorkshire North East England
LUton Bedfordshire
Manchester Lancashire North West England
MEdway Kent SE England
Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
MotherwelL Lanarkshire Scotland
London North
NEwcastle-upon-tyne Tyne and Wear North East England
NottinGham Nottinghamshire Midlands
NorthamptoN Northamptonshire Midlands
NewPort Gwent Wales
NoRwich Norfolk
London NorthWest
OLdham Lancashire North West England
OXford Oxfordshire South Central England
PAisley Renfrewshire Scotland
PertH Perthshire Scotland
PLymouth Devon SW England
POrtsmouth Hampshire South Central England
PReston Lancashire North West England
ReadinG Berkshire South Central England
RedHill Surrey SE England
RoMford Essex
Sheffield South Yorkshire North East England
SwanseA West Glamorgan
London SouthEast
StevenaGe Hertfordshire
StocKport Cheshire North West England
SLough Berks South Central England
Sutton and Merton Surrey SE England
SwindoN Wilts South Central England
SOuthampton Hampshire South Central England
Salisbury Plain Wilts South Central England
SundeRland Tyne and Wear North East England
Southend-on-Sea Essex
Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire Midlands
London SouthWest
ShrewsburY Shropshire North West England
TAunton Somerset SW England
TweedDale Selkirkshire Scotland
TelFord Shropshire North West England
ToNbridge Kent SE England
TorQuay Devon SW England
TRuro Cornwall SW England
TeeSide Cleveland North East England
TWickenham Middlesex SE England
UxBridge Middlesex South Central England
London West
WArrington Cheshire North West England
London West Central
WatforD Hertfordshire
WakeField West Yorkshire North East England
WigaN Lancashire North West England
WoRcester Worcestershire SW England
WalSall West Midlands
WolVerhampton West Midlands
YOrk North Yorkshire North East England
ZhEtlands Shetland Islands Scotland